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Debunking the Biggest Credit Myths

If you’re in the market for a home loan, and you want to get the best rate, you may be looking to improve your credit score. So you start by doing what you think are all the right things: paying off some collection accounts, closing some credit lines. But you may be surprised to learn […]

When to Consider an Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM)

If you haven’t noticed, the prices of homes have skyrocketed.  And stressed buyers are searching for any way to make their dream of homeownership attainable. In this new interest rate environment, ARMs (or Adjustable-Rate Mortgages) are making a comeback.   Borrowers who choose an adjustable-rate mortgage accept the risk that their rate may change over the […]

Total Cost Analysis

Gain total financial control of your home buying or refinancing experience… and avoid unwanted surprises. Are you looking to purchase a new home but always end up putting it off because you’re uncertain of how much you’ll be spending per month? Maybe you’re looking to refinance but don’t fully understand the best time to do […]

Financial Check-Up

Many of us spend hours each week working on our physical health with exercise and clean eating. And every year, like clockwork, we visit our doctor for our annual wellness check. But how many of us pay just as much attention to our financial wellbeing? According to the founder of Diazo Wealth, Justin Long, very […]

Realtors: Three Simple Questions to Vet Your Buyers

You’ve just met a great potential client – we’ll call her Sally. Sally says she’s ready to buy a house and wants you to start pounding the pavement on her behalf. Your first inclination is to a) do a celebratory dance because you have a new client (yay 2022!) then b) send her immediately to […]

Re-engaging the Clients Who Have Ghosted You

Hey real estate agents: have you developed an unhealthy relationship with your prospects’ voicemail messages? You call once a month, then once a week, then daily, but still nothing. But you thought they were looking for a house! It’s frustrating to be ignored.  But it can also be extremely uncomfortable to continue calling. Don’t worry, […]

Alderus Mortgage Toy Drive!

It’s that wonderful time of year again! The time to celebrate and give back. From November 10th through December 10th, we will be collecting toy donations at the Alderus office to help support the 98.5 KLUC Chet Buchanan Show’s 23rd Annual Toy Drive! We will be accepting all new toys or new bicycles that you […]

Honoring and Serving Those Who’ve Served

It’s hard to imagine a more noble calling than serving our country in the armed forces. That’s why it’s only fitting that on November 11th, we pay tribute to these brave men and women who’ve protected our country for generations. Because many of our veterans are so committed to our country, they are also committed […]