Gina Baker

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Gina Baker

Chief Client Experience Officer

Direct: 702.255.5784


Gina Baker has been one of the most prominent figures in the mortgage industry for nearly two decades. Working diligently to enhance marketing and sales efforts in the mortgage industry, Gina is dedicated to helping real estate professionals expand and grow their business through a variety of innovative tools. Assisting thousands of families with debt management strategies, Gina continues to help people preserve their wealth by offering vital information and support.

Since 2005, Gina has been a principal owner and Vice President for Alderus Mortgage. By helping mortgage professionals manage sales and researching unique marketing strategies, Gina continues to influence and inspire professionals in the mortgage industry. In her spare time, Gina is a volunteer for the Las Vegas Humane Society and Ahimsa Animal Rescue and enjoys playing golf, horseback riding and kayaking.